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It’s been awhile since I have been active on this page. If you look at previous posts I have made you can see that they tend to be a little scattered and that is because this blog was created for a class. However, so much has gone on in the world around us since this page was created so I have decided to revamp the page and try to be as active as I can be and with a new goal with my posts.

As we have seen in the 2016 elections, millennials have become a crucial group of voters because we make up a good chunk of the population. Also, we millennials were given a bad rap thanks to just a few. However, we are stepping up and trying to become involved and make a difference in our world. We know that in the not so distant future we will be the ones building a world for the next generation to stand on. I believe it is important that millennials are given our fare chance and are heard on important issues. That’s because as our leaders make decisions and pass laws we are the ones that have to suffer or benefit from those decisions a lot longer than those making them.

As a large voting block, millennials have the ability to help shape the future of our world in a way that we know will leave the next generation better off than our generation. That’s a crucial goal because millennials are one of the first generations worse off than the generation before us. It’s important that all those that are capable of making a difference should do everything they can to contribute.



Top 10 Sports Moments (edit)

Here are my top 10 sports moments from the past five years. We have plays from all levels of sports from college, professional, and international competition. top10


Top Moments in Sports

Here is a collection of the top 10 moments in college, professional, and international sports. Dating back no later than 2010.


Jon Stewart

First attempt at a podcast. A brief talk about comedic newsman, Jon Stewart.

Ted Talk Review

In a Ted Talk podcast called, Dare To Educate Afghan Girls, we learned about the dangers of attempting to educate girls in Afghanistan. Shabana, the narrator, described how she would have to dress like a boy and take her younger sister to a secret school. Always making sure to never take the same path twice so the Taliban wouldn’t notice. Shabana’s story is also interesting because she has a local connection. After completing her secret education in Afghanistan she made her way to the United States where she attended college right here in Vermont at Middlebury College. 

It is valuable to all listeners because it describes the life threatening struggle to gain an education. In some parts of the world an education is so sacred because it is often times a rare thing to receive. However, here in the United States our basic human right to an education is often taken for granted simply because we just don’t want to go to class that day. Also, it illustrates cultural differences between the US and Afghanistan in respects to treatment of women. It shows that by educating young women in Afghanistan the Taliban feels threatened because those women can bring about change that affects their entire country. After leaving Middlebury College, Shabana returned to Afghanistan where she helped start an organization focused on providing an education to all children in Afghanistan.

Huffington Post Under Review

In today’s busy world of 24 hour news I like to stay up to day on what’s happening in the world around me. One of my favorite sites to checkout is Huffington Post. One of the things that appeals to me the most is that HuffPo almost seems like a grassroots CNN. On the top of the page you are given many tabs to click on for stories of varying topics like media, politics, business, and sports. Something else that is also pretty nifty is that the site has a live ticker like you would see on a major news channel to keep you up to day on what’s happening. You can also subscribe to the website and their are links to follow them on twitter or like their Facebook page.

However, when you first get to the site you are presented with one headline in very large print that seems to distract the viewer from other headlines. Most of their other stories are just pictures with a caption and a link to the article. Many of the writers for the Huffington Post are other bloggers. Which kind of gives a “citizen journalist” type of feel to their stories, but makes me wonder how impartial the story will be.

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